Beating Them With a Stick

HONEST FARMER HARRY. Written for the National Clay Minstrel.. Tune—”My Old Aunt Sally.” All country voters gather round, while your hearts I warm, sar, I’ll gib you a true song about an ole Kentucky farmer, He’s got de finest head and heart dat any man can carry, And all de songs de people sing, isContinue reading “Beating Them With a Stick”

Great Wisdom’s Son

THE BOLD KENTUCKY BOY. Tune — The Highland Minstrel Boy. Come, freemen, ere our land’s undone, All gather side by side, Around bold Clay, great wisdom’s son, Columbia’s boast and pride. To set a gallant people free, He did his soul employ, And to her rights he true will be, The bold Kentucky Boy. RememberContinue reading “Great Wisdom’s Son”

No Despots Need Apply

APPEAL TO FREEMEN. Tune. — Bruce’s Address. Freemen, whom your states adore, And your blood bought rights of yore, Rally now, and you’ll restore, Your past prosperity. Delay not boys, another hour, Up each state and town to scour, Show the glorious might and power, Of men that will be free. Up, bold Whigs withContinue reading “No Despots Need Apply”

Just Us For Harry

  GALLANT YOUNG WHIGS. Tune. — Soldier’s Return. Gallant young Whigs, awake! awake! It’s now no time to tarry; Wake, for your own, your country’s sake, Wake for our own true Harry! See! o’er his head, our flag he wears, And calls us all to rally, From the free shores Atlantic laves To every westernContinue reading “Just Us For Harry”

Could Be Worse; Could Be a Jay-Bird

  THE ‘COON SONG. Written for the National Clay Minstrel. Tune, — “Dandy Jim of Caroline.” A race, a race! And who will win? Who will be out? who will be in? Trot out your nags! we’ll see who’ll take From all, the Presidential stake. The people say, they’ll go for Clay, The true heart’sContinue reading “Could Be Worse; Could Be a Jay-Bird”

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