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Albacon Afternoon

Albacon (one of our favorite cons) has been postponed due to Corona Virus.  But do not despair!   The nice folks who run Albacon are hosting Albacon Afternoon this Sunday from 1:00 to 3:00 pm.  Doyle and I will do a … Continue reading

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Another Movie: Midsommar

Since we were talking about movies, here’s another I saw recently: Midsommar, written and directed by Ari Aster.  I’d previously commented on another of his movies, Hereditary. My review of Midsommar: A group of young adults are too stupid to … Continue reading

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My New Favorite Movie

A while back I had some computer problems.  As in Black Screen of Death computer problems.  As in Called-MicroSoft and the Level-One-tech-couldn’t-help-me problems.  So that is how I wound up on the phone with a Level Two tech, a nice … Continue reading

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Maine Champagne

Believe it or not, the great state of Maine has a local cocktail. I learned this recipe from my good friend paramedic Jerry O’Neil of Northstar Ambulance in Rangeley, Maine.  (Strangeley is also the home of the Wilhelm Reich Museum.  … Continue reading

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Altered States

A nice review over at Story I’d Like Expanded Into a Novel: “Gertrude of Wyoming” by Debra Doyle & James D. Macdonald. This action-packed spy thriller had all the intrigue of a Bond story, but Gertrude had no need … Continue reading

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COVID Near You

Modeled on Flu Near You, this is a crowd-sourcing site for COVID-19 infections.  Sponsored by Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School, it seems like a good idea.  The more people who participate the more useful it will be.!/

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Book Sale

There’s a sale going on over at Smashwords, and all of the reprinted backlist that we have there is 75% off (that takes a bunch of ’em all the way down to free). Now through March 7th. Complete your collection! … Continue reading

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Puppet Theater Magic Contest 2020

Best of Boston Magic Contest Wednesday, February 12 at the Puppet Showplace Theater 32 Station St Brookline, MA 02445 Contest starts at 7:30 pm The Contest Assembly Nine’s traditional Best of Boston Magic Contest takes place on Wednesday, February 12. … Continue reading

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Vermont Winter RenFaire 2020

@WinterRenaissanceFaire2020 So there you are in Vermont this weekend, and it’s cold, a nor’easter coming in, and you feel the need to do something evil.  Come do something Medieval at the Vermont Winter RenFaire.  I’ll be there, doing magic.  You … Continue reading

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On the Variability of Symbols

Originally posted on Dr. Doyle's Blog:
It’s always dangerous to assume that the meaning another person attaches to a word or a picture or a gesture is the same one that you do. Consider, for example, the hand sign…

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