Martin Van of Kinderhook

Today is the first day of our ramble down to New York for Heliosphere.  So, en passant, we visited Lindenwald, Martin Van Buren’s home in Kinderhook, NY.  Van Buren had  been Jackson’s Vice President; he went on to a term of his own in 1836.  The Little Magician was the first US president who hadContinue reading “Martin Van of Kinderhook”

Ancestry is Destiny

TIPPECANOE SONG. Air — “Rosin the Bow.” The voice of the nation has spoken, The Democrats shake in their shoes; The sceptre of Grover is broken; He shrinks at the glorious news. Chorus. All hail to the glorious West! Log cabins and yeomen, to you! The land of the brave and the blest, The homeContinue reading “Ancestry is Destiny”

1844 Whig Songbook Index

Index of First Lines A barber in Lexington having some ill feeling toward Mr. Clay A Chief’s in the gallant West, A few short weeks ago, Ah, Matty Van’s a used up man All country voters gather round, while your hearts I warm, sar, A race, a race! And who will win? Arouse, arouse fromContinue reading “1844 Whig Songbook Index”


  HENRY CLAY “The truth! it is mighty! and truth will prevail,” The infamous slanders of “Bargain and Sale” — Sunk deep with loathed calumnies, never to rise — Down! down! to its parent — “the father of lies!” Return Pennsylvania! thy first love is best, The Man of the People! the Pride of theContinue reading “L’Envoi”

Farewell, Farewell

FAREWELL SPEECH OF HENRY CLAY, TO THE SENATE OF THE UNITED STATES. In the Senate of the United States on the 31st of March, 1842, Mr. Clay resigned his seat — addressing the Senate its follows: Mr. Clay said, that before proceeding to make the motion for which he had risen, he begged leave toContinue reading “Farewell, Farewell”

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