Jenny Nettles

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In 1773 the ship Jenny Nettles, a sweet-sailing brigantine with the figurehead of a beautiful Highland woman attached to her bow, leaves Liverpool with a hold full of fine goods and a new captain at her helm. But there are secrets on board this ship now, and soon the crew will discover the truth of a ghostly vengeance that only death can make right.

Told in the spirit of an old sailor’s fireside tale, “Jenny Nettles” is a middle-grade supernatural story set on the high seas, featuring true-to-life historical detail, real seafaring superstitions, and a delicate introduction to the atrocities suffered by the Scottish Highlanders after the Battle of Culloden and the Jacobite Rebellion. First published in Bruce Coville’s Book of Spine Tinglers, “Jenny Nettles” provides a spooky scare and an engaging gateway to learning more.

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