No Despots Need Apply

Justice to Ireland


Tune. — Bruce’s Address.

Freemen, whom your states adore,
And your blood bought rights of yore,
Rally now, and you’ll restore,
Your past prosperity.

Delay not boys, another hour,
Up each state and town to scour,
Show the glorious might and power,
Of men that will be free.

Up, bold Whigs with speech and song,
Name your rights — redress your wrongs,
Shout the huzza, loud and long,
For Clay and Liberty,

By his noble heart and voice,
He is now the people’s choice,
He will make the land rejoice,
And burst Ty’s ty-ranny.

Workies who so long have borne,
Tyler’s falsehood, schemes and scorn,
No more in quiet meet and mourn,
Rouse in your majesty.

Remember ye opprest and low,
“Who would be free, must strike the blow,”
On then, to the struggle go,
Nor cease till you are free.

Sons of “Seventy-Six’s” souls,
Through whose veins their life blood rolls,
Shall it be said a king controls
Your nation’s destiny ?

Shall a chief that high seat fill,
Who defies the people’s will,
And would plunge us deeper still,
In ruin and misery ?

Shall a despot’s word command,
The “bone and sinew of the land,”
Snatching from the toil sore hand,
The rights of industry?

Rouse, then, brothers, now’s the day,
To the ballot box for Clay,
Sweep the bugs that on us prey,
In hum-bug’s livery.


Ty, of “Ty’s ty-ranny” is president John Tyler.  The tyranny that he imposed, his schemes and scorn, his defiance of the people’s will, his assumption of kingly, nay, despotic, power … was vetoing the Bank Bill.  Twice.  Also, dumping Henry Clay from his cabinet.

“Who would be free, must strike the blow,” is a quote from Daniel “The Liberator” O’Connell, an Irish nationalist.  (He didn’t like the Protestants.)

The “bone and sinew of the land,” was a reference to the Irish depopulation during the 1840s.

At the time this song was written the “Sons of ‘Seventy-Six’s’ souls” quite literally were in the voting population.  (“Seventy-Six” being reference to the American Revolution.)

The rights of industry snatched from the toil sore hand was Free Trade.

Tomorrow: The Bold Kentucky Boy

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  1. “Bruce’s Address” is better known today as “Scots Wha Hae.”

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