Could Be Worse; Could Be a Jay-Bird

  THE ‘COON SONG. Written for the National Clay Minstrel. Tune, — “Dandy Jim of Caroline.” A race, a race! And who will win? Who will be out? who will be in? Trot out your nags! we’ll see who’ll take From all, the Presidential stake. The people say, they’ll go for Clay, The true heart’sContinue reading “Could Be Worse; Could Be a Jay-Bird”

Wishful Thinking

VOICE OF THE PEOPLE. Air — “A life on the Ocean wave.” List, list to the People’s cry, Resounding o’er hill and dale, In terror the Loco’s fly, Like chaff on the winter’s gale. The mountains are ringing the shout, The valleys re-echo again. And the rock-bound shores of the North Are joyously swelling theContinue reading “Wishful Thinking”

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