Plagues Gone Past

Where are the plagues of yesteryear? So there I was, reading Fifty Years in the Magic Circle by Signor Blitz (the memoirs of a mid-19th-century magician) when I saw this bit (pp. 58-59):   Irish Wit. During the season, a band of Russian horn-players appeared at the Theatre Royal. Their style of music was originalContinue reading “Plagues Gone Past”

The Magicians’ Marching Song

(To the tune of The Caissons Go Rolling Along)   Over hill, over dale, Catching rabbits by the tail Magicians go strolling along! Classic force, side-steal too, I’ve got your card inside my shoe Magicians go strolling along! Then it’s Alakazam! We just don’t give a damn Cut our assistants into two! (Two! Three! Four!)Continue reading “The Magicians’ Marching Song”

Republicans Loathe Free Trade

  O, GLORIOUS STANDARD! Air — “Hail Columbia.” O, glorious standard of the free, Thou flag of loyal colors three, Float ever o’er our hearths and homes, Float ever o’er our hearths and homes, A sign that we our country love, All foreign lands and suns above, Float there and, in the breezes swayed, ProclaimContinue reading “Republicans Loathe Free Trade”

Free Trade Wool

THE FREE-TRADE PINAFORE. [In Which Captain Cleveland Appears at the Head of the Democratic Crew.] Capt. Cleveland — I am the captain of the Free Trade crew. Chorus of Democratic Tars — And a right good captain, too. Capt. C. — You are very, very good, and be it understood, I’m in for reform rightContinue reading “Free Trade Wool”

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