Just Us For Harry

The Soldier's Return



Tune. — Soldier’s Return.

Gallant young Whigs, awake! awake!
It’s now no time to tarry;
Wake, for your own, your country’s sake,
Wake for our own true Harry!
See! o’er his head, our flag he wears,
And calls us all to rally,
From the free shores Atlantic laves
To every western valley.

When once the friend of strife grew strong,
And well nigh wrest asunder,
That Union which has been so long
Our pride, and tyrant’s wonder;
Whose voice was heard, whose god-like form
Stood ‘mid that warm commotion!
Who but our Harry hushed the storm
Of passion’s angry ocean?

Who when the traitor spread dismay,
And darkness gathered round us,
Who but our own, our gallant Clay
Once more in Union bound us?
“Justice to Harry of the West,”
Why should it longer tarry?
There glows no soul in human breast
More faithful than our Harry.

“Justice to Harry of the West,”
The winds that shout shall carry,
Until the very nation’s breast
Shall beat and thrill for Harry;
Young Whigs! ye gallant host awake!
I know you will not tarry,
We’ll go and give our first proud vote
To our thrice gallant Harry.


The Soldier’s Return is a song by Robert Burns, to the tune of  “The Mill Mill-O.

A call to action for those Whigs voting in their first election.

The “friend of strife” is John C. Calhoun.  This is a reference to the Nullification Crisis, when one of Clay’s compromises averted (possible) armed conflict between the Federal government and South Carolina.

The “traitor” is John Tyler, ever one of the Whigs’ favorite targets.

Once again Henry Clay is running against two people who were not actually candidates.  This may not have been an optimum strategy.

Tomorrow: Appeal to Freemen

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