Whig Humor

REPARTEE. — Robert Tyler addressed a crowd of persons at a recent term of the Northampton Superior Court, in Jackson, N. C. — Being asked who would probably be the nominee of the Democratic National Convention, he replied as follows: — “Gentlemen, it is difficult to answer that question, but if Calhoun is the nominee,Continue reading “Whig Humor”

Up and Over

THE TARS WILL MAN THEIR GALLANT SHIP. Tune — “Washing Day” The Tars will man their gallant ships, And fling the canvass free, Again unfurl the “Bunting stripe” And cheerily put to sea, They’ll heave, and weigh, and stow, and pull, And sing and hoist away, They’ll hoist, and hoist, and hoist, and hoist, AndContinue reading “Up and Over”

Patriots for Clay

ONWARD! Tune.— Rory O’More. Onward! — speed onward! and spread to the gale, The time-honour’d banner our fathers once bore, And fast to the mast-top the star spangles nail, ‘Till our country’s great conflict is gloriously o’er! They fought for that freedom, so long our proud boast — They perill’d their fortune, their honour, theirContinue reading “Patriots for Clay”

The More Things Change….

FACTS FOR THE PEOPLE. The Tariff question is now a settled question with the people. The Whigs have always espoused the cause of American agriculture and manufactures. The mass of all other parties are favorable to the Tariff; and, it is only through the deep, plotting designs of a British faction of Southern demagogues, thatContinue reading “The More Things Change….”

Alas, the Alarm Clock Had Yet to be Invented

Written for the National Clay Minstrel. WAKE UP WHIGS, ALL COME ALONG FOR HARRY CLAY. Tune. — The Cracovienne. Ye voters all throughout the land, For Clay and Freedom nobly stand, In the brick-bat Tyler’s place, Clay must rub out our land’s disgrace. Wake up Whigs, all come along, (Repeat) For Harry Clay we’ll goContinue reading “Alas, the Alarm Clock Had Yet to be Invented”

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