Beaux Arts in Baltimore

CONVENTION SONG, Written for the Choir of the National Clay Club of Phlia., and sung by them with unbounded applause at Baltimore. Air — Take heed! whisper low! Arouse, arouse from hill and valley Comes sweeping on a gallant band; Behold the glorious freemen’s rally, Awakes the spirit of the land. Sweep on, sweep onContinue reading “Beaux Arts in Baltimore”

Now Here’s to Thee of the Frozen North

The National Clay Minstrel, and Frelinghuysen Melodist marches to battle, as the Vermont delegation arrives at the convention. THE VERMONTER’S SONG AT BALTIMORE. Tune— “Old Dan Tucker.” From “Yankee Land” — at dawn of day — We all set out on our joyous way, Our flags we unfurled — and our mountains rung With theContinue reading “Now Here’s to Thee of the Frozen North”

The Bravest Man Among the Brave

The National Clay Minstrel and Frelinghuysen Melodist  continues with a panegyric to Joseph Markle, a politician so obscure that he doesn’t even have a Wikipedia page.   THE MISSISSINEWA WAR SONG. BY D. M. SMYSER, ESQ. Brave Markle is the soldier’s pride,Hurrah! hurrah! hurrah!He stem’d the battles raging tide,Hurrah! hurrah! hurrah!He rush’d like lightning onContinue reading “The Bravest Man Among the Brave”

Jimmy Polk of Tennessee

  The National Clay Minstrel continues with that toe-tapping tune, “Jimmy Polk of Tennessee.”   JIMMY POLK OF TENNESSEE By J. GREINER. Tune — “Dandy Jim of Caroline.” O, every day brings something new, The Loco Focos find it so; And strange events have proved to Martin That doubtful things are “mighty unsartin.” At LindenwaldContinue reading “Jimmy Polk of Tennessee”

In Honor of Election Year

In honor of the … certainly interesting … political contest now ongoing here in the USA, I intend to repost, song by song, The National Clay Minstrel, and Frelinghuysen Melodist, for the Presidential Canvass of 1844. Being a collection of all the new popular Whig songs. Philadelphia : Published by George Hood, and sold byContinue reading “In Honor of Election Year”

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