Martin Van of Kinderhook

Today is the first day of our ramble down to New York for Heliosphere.  So, en passant, we visited Lindenwald, Martin Van Buren’s home in Kinderhook, NY.  Van Buren had  been Jackson’s Vice President; he went on to a term of his own in 1836.  The Little Magician was the first US president who hadContinue reading “Martin Van of Kinderhook”

Tariff Tales

  WHAT SHALL THE TARIFF BE? Cutting the tax from the sheep’s white wool, Cutting the tax from the silken spool, Cutting the tax from the cotton hose, Cutting the tax from the English clothes; What shall the tariff be? Oh, what shall the tariff be? Chorus. Cut here by Cleveland and cut there byContinue reading “Tariff Tales”

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