Henry Clay



“The truth! it is mighty! and truth will prevail,”
The infamous slanders of “Bargain and Sale” —
Sunk deep with loathed calumnies, never to rise —
Down! down! to its parent — “the father of lies!”
Return Pennsylvania! thy first love is best,
The Man of the People! the Pride of the West!

The Man of the People has always been true:
He is bone of your bone, and the image of you —
His principles ever accord with your own —
A greater Republican never was known!
Return Pennsylvania! thy first love is best —
The Man of the People! the Pride of the West!


This verse, the last in The national Clay minstrel, and Frelinghuysen melodist : for the presidential canvass of 1844 ; being a collection of all the new popular Whig songs, calls on Pennsylvania to return to Clay.  The book was published in Pennsylvania.

“The Man of the People,” and “The Pride of the West” is Henry Clay.

The “father of lies” is Satan.

“Bargain and Sale” was the suggestion that Clay had thrown the House of Representatives to John Quincy Adams in 1824 rather than to Andrew Jackson (who had the most popular and electoral votes) in return for being named Adams’ Secretary of State.

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