The More Things Change….

The People's Welfare My Reward


The Tariff question is now a settled question with the people. The Whigs have always espoused the cause of American agriculture and manufactures. The mass of all other parties are favorable to the Tariff; and, it is only through the deep, plotting designs of a British faction of Southern demagogues, that the Tariff will be put down. Let us sum up a few facts in relation to this destructive policy of permitting the British to come in with their goods while they will not allow us to take ours into Great Britain.

1. It is known to all parties, that a large majority of voters in the United States are in favor of a protective Tariff.

2. The enemies of the Tariff know they must divide its friends to conquer them.

3. Their chief reliance is upon party devotion, and party organization to effect a division.

4. They seek to divide its friends about candidates for the Presidency, even before one is nominated.

5. They appeal to the people of the Slave States to unite against protection, representing it as unfriendly to their interests.

6. They secure the services of the best theoretical writers on political economy, both, in England and the United States in their cause.

7. They manage to secure the election of those opposed to protection, by disguising their opinion from voters.

8. They threaten to dissolve the Union, if Tariff for protection are not repealed.

9. They threaten to forsake their party, if their party friends will not vote for the repeal.

10. They procured donations of land to settlers in Florida, to get an anti-Tariff State there, as soon as Wisconsin will be ready to come into the Union.

11. They are making great efforts for the annexation of Texas to the Union, to secure a permanent ascendancy in the Senate, against protection.


The Whigs really liked protective tariffs!

The things about “Southern Demagogues,” and “threaten to dissolve the Union” are talking about John C. Calhoun and the Nullification Crisis.

Tomorrow: Onward!

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