Patriots for Clay

American sympathy and Irish backguardism


Tune.— Rory O’More.

Onward! — speed onward! and spread to the gale,
The time-honour’d banner our fathers once bore,
And fast to the mast-top the star spangles nail,
‘Till our country’s great conflict is gloriously o’er!

They fought for that freedom, so long our proud boast —
They perill’d their fortune, their honour, their life,—
And shall all be betray’d, or dishonored, or lost,
And their sons hazard naught in the patriot strife!

The laurels they won are still green in their age,
And never shall fade in a chaplet so pure,
But brighter and clearer on history’s page,
Shall glow the proud record while time shall endure.

Then onward! press onward! nor pause ye to rest,
While a foe to your country is found in the land!
The bulwarks of freedom securely shall stand.

J. S. L.


The star-spangles are a reference to the War of 1812, while the lives, fortunes, and honor are in reference to the Revolution.  Not much else to say about this one… Hal of the West is Henry Clay of Kentucky.  The Whigs liked him.  Nice tune, though.

Tomorrow: The Tars Will Man Their Gallant Ship

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