A Complete Silk Act

One of the perennial topics in these parts goes something like this: “I’ve signed up for a talent show. What should I do?” Let me make a suggestion, under the rubric “everything old is new again.” In Jean Hugard’s Silken Sorcery (1937), the last chapter describes the Stillwell Silk Act. Here’s what Hugard says: CHAPTER XII THEContinue reading “A Complete Silk Act”

Abbott’s Magic Virtual Easter Egg Hunt

Add these to the list of Free Magic, if you’re willing to spend the time looking for the Easter Eggs. Holidaze Bally Prediction Simplex 4 Ace Trick TEN Who Done It A Box of Matches Trick 50 Kute Coin Tricks Zens 15 Card Trick 50 Tricks with a Paper Cone Come Good Spirits Magic CardContinue reading “Abbott’s Magic Virtual Easter Egg Hunt”

A Magic Set for a Young Person

Consider Peterson’s (formerly Barron’s)  Little Box of Magic Tricks.  I’ve seen the Ideal 100-Trick Spectacular Magic Show Suitcase well spoken-of.   Consider too Joshua Jay’s The Complete Magician Kit.  Melissa and Doug have magic kits for younger children. The Klutz Book of Magic  includes props and can be considered a magic set all by itself. InContinue reading “A Magic Set for a Young Person”