Abbott’s Magic Virtual Easter Egg Hunt

Add these to the list of Free Magic, if you’re willing to spend the time looking for the Easter Eggs.

Abbott's Magic Virtual Easter Egg Hunt
Abbott’s Magic Virtual Easter Egg Hunt
  1. Holidaze
  2. Bally Prediction
  3. Simplex 4 Ace Trick
  4. TEN
  5. Who Done It
  6. A Box of Matches Trick
  7. 50 Kute Coin Tricks
  8. Zens 15 Card Trick
  9. 50 Tricks with a Paper Cone
  10. Come Good Spirits
  11. Magic Card Systems
  12. How To Be A Ventriloquist
  13. Tops Treasure of Ball Magic
  14. Staggered
  15. Sparky’s Balloon Act
  16. Super Psychic Mental Effects
  17. The Professional Touch
  18. Oracle
  19. Abbott’s First Catalog 1934
  20. Coin and Money Magic
  21. Kid Show Showmanship
  22. Dumbfounders with Cards
  23. Hit the Deck
  24. This is Magic
  25. Eddie Joseph Cups and Balls
  26. MagicSeen Magazine #1
  27. MagicSeen Magazine #10
  28. Einstein Theory
  29. Farmer & The Witch
  30. Magazine Test

By the way, Happy Easter, everyone!

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