Magic in Tilton, NH

The Victorian Black Swan Inn will host a “Victorian Parlor Magic: Winter Soiree” the evening of Saturday February 12th from 7-10 pm About this event Unlike other victorian magic shows, this exclusive performance allows guests to get up-close and personal with this talented magician as he wanders among them while you enjoy a selection ofContinue reading “Magic in Tilton, NH”

A Complete Silk Act

One of the perennial topics in these parts goes something like this: “I’ve signed up for a talent show. What should I do?” Let me make a suggestion, under the rubric “everything old is new again.” In Jean Hugard’s Silken Sorcery (1937), the last chapter describes the Stillwell Silk Act. Here’s what Hugard says: CHAPTER XII THEContinue reading “A Complete Silk Act”