Ancestry is Destiny

TIPPECANOE SONG. Air — “Rosin the Bow.” The voice of the nation has spoken, The Democrats shake in their shoes; The sceptre of Grover is broken; He shrinks at the glorious news. Chorus. All hail to the glorious West! Log cabins and yeomen, to you! The land of the brave and the blest, The homeContinue reading “Ancestry is Destiny”

His Grandfather’s Hat

THE HARRISON 1840 – 1888 Log Cabin Song Book Of 1840. Revised for the Campaign of 1888, with numerous New Songs to Patriotic Airs. EDITED BY O. C. HOOPER. COLUMBUS, O.: A. H. SMYTHE, 1888. Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1888, by A. H. SMYTHE, in the Office of the LibrarianContinue reading “His Grandfather’s Hat”

Another Day, Another Campaign

Well, we’ve run through the Clay and Frelinghuysen songbook.  So it’s time to move on.  I think I’ll turn to the 1888 Harrison v. Cleveland campaign, using a pro-Harrison songbook. But that won’t stop me from running a quick anti-Harrison song first! To the tune of My Grandfather’s Clock His grandfather’s hat is too bigContinue reading “Another Day, Another Campaign”

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