Doing the Time Warp Again

THE HERO STATESMAN. Air — “The Campbells are Coming.” He comes from the West in the strength of his name, The favored of song and a hero in fame; He’s the people’s own choice and his resting shall be At the side of the brave in the hearts of the free; No more in theContinue reading “Doing the Time Warp Again”

The Velvet Chair in a Log Cabin

  LOG CABIN SONG. Air — “Highland Laddie” Oh, where, tell me where, was your Buckeye Cabin made? Oh, where, tell me where, was your Buckeye Cabin made? ‘Twas built among the merry boys who plied the plow and spade, Where the Log Cabin stood in the bonnie Buckeye shade. Chorus — ‘Twas built, etc.Continue reading “The Velvet Chair in a Log Cabin”

Young Tip’s Broom

YOUNG TIP’S BROOM. Air — “Buy a Broom.” Come, patriots, come, and let’s clear out the kitchen, Let’s sweep out the parlor and clean the east room, Drive the Reformer whose fingers are itching To strangle our trade — so take a new broom! Take a broom, young Tip’s broom? Come, every Republican, handle aContinue reading “Young Tip’s Broom”

Again With the Ball

WHAT HAS CAUSED THIS GREAT COMMOTION? Air— “Little Pig’s Tail.” Oh, what has caused this great commotion, Motion, motion, our country through? It is the ball A-rolling on For Tippecanoe and Morton, too, For Tippecanoe and Morton, too! And with them we’ll beat Stephen Grove, Grove, Grove is a used-up “cove,” And with them we’llContinue reading “Again With the Ball”

Fighting the British

GENERAL HARRISON. Air — “Pizen Sarpient.” When British foemen swarmed around And burned our cabins to the ground, Ri tu ral, etc., A gallant boy, brave Harrison, By noble deeds bright laurels won, Ri tu ral, etc., He fought by Wayne, where brave men bled, And where the ground was strewn with dead, Ri tuContinue reading “Fighting the British”

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