The Party of Lincoln

NEW COMIC SONG. Air — “Hey, Come Along, Josey.” Come listen to me, and I’ll sing you a song, Which, I promise you, shall not be long; And I know you’ll say it’s a first-rate thing, And dis is de tune dat I will sing: Hey, cum along, jim along, Josey. Hey, cum along, jimContinue reading “The Party of Lincoln”


YE JOLLY YOUNG LADS. Air — “Rosin the Bow.” Ye jolly young lads of the nation And all ye sick Democrats, too, Come out from the Free Trader party And vote for young Tippecanoe. Chorus — And vote for young Tippecanoe, etc. The ides of November is coming, The Demmies begin to look blue; TheyContinue reading “Cider?”

Draft Dodger Blues

THE FLAG WILL LEAD. The spoilsmen are fretful and gloomy as night, Their “Denmark is rotten” about; The party’s perplexed and in horrible plight, For Grover, they know, must go out. Our flag, like the sign to the Roman, I ween, Will lead us to glory — and who Wouldn’t stick to that flag whileContinue reading “Draft Dodger Blues”

A Recitation

LET FAME PUT HER TRUMP. Let fame put her trump to the lip of the morn And rouse up the slumbering day; On the wings of the wind be the blast onward borne Till it dies in the ether away. But on the broad hills let it lay And echo the green valley o’er, ThatContinue reading “A Recitation”

A Dirge

REPORT Of the Committee Appointed by the People to Invite Mr. Cleveland into a “State of Retiracy.” Dirge — “Burial of Sir John Moore.” Not a sigh was heard, not a farewell groan, Though he looked confoundedly flurried; No patriot’s breast was heard to moan, As from the White House he was hurried; He streakedContinue reading “A Dirge”

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