Another Day, Another Campaign

Not as heavy as Grover, perhaps, but then I have more lemons

Well, we’ve run through the Clay and Frelinghuysen songbook.  So it’s time to move on.  I think I’ll turn to the 1888 Harrison v. Cleveland campaign, using a pro-Harrison songbook.

But that won’t stop me from running a quick anti-Harrison song first!

To the tune of My Grandfather’s Clock

His grandfather’s hat is too big for his head
But Ben tries it on just the same.
It fits him too quick, as has oft times been said,
With regard to Ben Harrison’s fame.
It was bought long ago and it made a pretty show
In the famous Hard Cider campaign
But it won’t… fit…even a little bit,
On Benjamin Harrison’s brain.

Beginning tomorrow:

The Harrison Log Cabin Song Book of 1840 : Revised for the campaign of 1888, with numerous new songs to patriotic airs

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