Uncle Jumbo

The next section is labeled “Later Songs.“ THE COLLAR AND THE KERCHIEF. Air — “John Brown.” Grover Cleveland is a collar of extraordinary size, So that many men mistake him for a corset in disguise, He standeth on his tip-toes and he looketh with surprise, As we go marching on. Chorus. — Glory, etc. WhenContinue reading “Uncle Jumbo”

The Party of Lincoln

NEW COMIC SONG. Air — “Hey, Come Along, Josey.” Come listen to me, and I’ll sing you a song, Which, I promise you, shall not be long; And I know you’ll say it’s a first-rate thing, And dis is de tune dat I will sing: Hey, cum along, jim along, Josey. Hey, cum along, jimContinue reading “The Party of Lincoln”

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