Tariff Tales

  WHAT SHALL THE TARIFF BE? Cutting the tax from the sheep’s white wool, Cutting the tax from the silken spool, Cutting the tax from the cotton hose, Cutting the tax from the English clothes; What shall the tariff be? Oh, what shall the tariff be? Chorus. Cut here by Cleveland and cut there byContinue reading “Tariff Tales”

President Tyler’s Nose

Apparently Mr. Hood of Philadelphia needed  five lines after the last song and before beginning the next, to fill the page.  So he printed this bit: The Madisonian says that the “Tyler men are willing to count noses with the Van Buren men any day.” The Tylerites do not number very many noses, but thenContinue reading “President Tyler’s Nose”

Feet of Clay

HOW MANY CLAY MEN ARE THERE? DEDICATED TO THE CLAY CLUB OF SALEM, N.J. Tune — Rosin the Bow. Johnny Tyler in good time will know. By the shouts of the Whigs every where. Whose voices of thunder will show Full “how many Clay men are there.” The Captain will hear the sad news. WhichContinue reading “Feet of Clay”

Advance Whigs

ADVANCE WHIGS. Air — “Boatman’s dance. ” Come Whigs prepare to enter the chase, We can beat any man of the Loco race, We beat them in forty, we can beat them more, And use up their party in forty.four. Advance Whigs, advance, Your country’s cause advance, And never rest a day, ’till Henry ClayContinue reading “Advance Whigs”

When Elections Were Genteel

AWAY WITH TRAITOR TYLER. Written for the Choir of the National Clay Club. Air — “Away with Melancholy,” Away with Traitor Tyler ; Down with the Veto King: Our party’s base reviler ; Whilst the people cheerily sing— Hurrah! Though for years of gloomy sorrow, We’ve cursed that traitor’s crime; Yet we wait a gloriousContinue reading “When Elections Were Genteel”

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