A Lot of Singing About Nothing Much

Pilgrim's Progress


TUNE.—Hail to the Chief.

Shout for our Whig Chief, the bold Ashland Farmer
From the East to the West pass his glorious name,
No heart for his country beats truer or warmer,
No mind glows more brightly with Liberty’s flame.
He who in danger’s hour,
With Demosthenian power,
First roused our sons to repel the proud foe,
With our votes we will lift,
To our lands highest gift,
And honor great Harry, ho! hieroe ro!

Shout for our Whig Chief the honest and fearless,
Onward he comes to relieve the distress’d,
The sky of our country so long dark and cheerless,
Shall brighten beneath this great light of the west,
Then raise the joyous song,
Give the long pull and strong
To the White House at last our Whig Chief must go;
Fair trade shall flourish then,
Justice shall reign again,
And Freemen bless Harry, ho! hieroe! ro!


The “Whig Chief” is Henry Clay.  Clay’s estate in Kentucky was called “Ashland.”

“Demosthenian” is like Demosthenes, a Greek statesman and orator.

The “proud foe” was Great Britain in the War of 1812.

“Fair trade” would be behind walls of tariffs; “free trade” was a Democratic idea.

Tomorrow: The Clay Ship

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