Strange Arrivals

A new podcast at iHeart Radio: On a September night in 1961, in the mountains of New Hampshire, Betty and Barney Hill encountered something they could not explain. What really happened that autumn night? Welcome to Strange Arrivals, where host Toby Ball will unravel one of history’s most famous cases of alien abduction. Learn moreContinue reading “Strange Arrivals”

Plagues Gone Past

Where are the plagues of yesteryear? So there I was, reading Fifty Years in the Magic Circle by Signor Blitz (the memoirs of a mid-19th-century magician) when I saw this bit (pp. 58-59):   Irish Wit. During the season, a band of Russian horn-players appeared at the Theatre Royal. Their style of music was originalContinue reading “Plagues Gone Past”


The Universityy of Chicago gives away free e-books.  Every month there’s a new one, and they’re all swell.  This month’s freebie, I think, is one that folks who follow my blog may really like: The Pseudoscience Wars: Immanuel Velikovsky and the Birth of the Modern Fringe by Michael B. Gordin. I remember reading Velikovsky back when I was inContinue reading “PseudoScience”

The Hill Case — Part 5

What We Know And How We Know It, Part 5. What We Know:  Betty and Barney Misidentified the Jack O’Lantern Resort as a Flying Saucer How We Know It: The Jack O’Lantern Resort has been located on US 3 in Woodstock, NH, since the 1940s.  Its logo is a large, stylized jack o’lantern.  In theContinue reading “The Hill Case — Part 5”

The Hill Case — Part 3

What We Know and How We Know It, Part 3 What we know: Betty and Barney misidentified the aircraft warning light on the top of Cannon Mountain as a flying saucer, continued. How we know it: The first time Betty and Barney observed the UFO was when their car crested the shoulder of Mount ProspectContinue reading “The Hill Case — Part 3”

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