The Truly Spectacular Schnurrbart of John A. Logan

THE RED, WHITE AND BLUE. Tune — “Red, White and Blue.” Democrats may flourish their bandannas — The flag of our country we’ll wave. The “boys” from the lakes to savannas Once more this grand Union will save. With Harrison and Morton for leaders, We’ll sweep victoriously through; From Maine to shores the of Pacific,Continue reading “The Truly Spectacular Schnurrbart of John A. Logan”

A Blowin’ On His Nose

THE TWO ENSIGNS. In ’76 a patriot band — The brave, the tried and true- Unfurled our standard to the breezes The dear red, white and blue. In ’61, o’er loyal hosts, Our ensign kissed the breeze, While the “old bandanna” stifled Thurman’s Hyperborean sneeze. In ’64, ‘midst battle smoke, Our flag of all theContinue reading “A Blowin’ On His Nose”

The Star-Eyed Goddess

READY FOR THE BATTLE. Air- Policemen* s Chorus — Pirates of Penzance — “When a Felon’s not Engaged.” We are ready for the battle of November That shall settle Grover Cleveland’s little fate, And we feel no whit of fear, for we remember We have got a soldier-statesman candidate! We have drawn our swords toContinue reading “The Star-Eyed Goddess”

Off to the Races

THE RACERS. Air — “Yankee Doodle.” Hurrah! Hurrah for Harrison! Hurrah for Levi Morton! The nags are picked the race to run, Oh, don’t you hear them snortin’? Chorus: Hurrah, then, for the bonny flag! It beats the old Bandana! We’ll carry with it New York State, And also Indiana! The “off” one there’s fromContinue reading “Off to the Races”

Peach Trees

  PEACH TREE CREEK. At Peachtree creek in Sixty-four, Hood’s rebels held the summit: Their lines were long and full and strong, And straight as line and plummet. Below them stood the Union ranks, And waved the starry banner, And at the front Ben Harrison With his Seventieth Indiana. “Charge at them, men!” cried sturdyContinue reading “Peach Trees”

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