Uncle Tom’s SERE

Was Uncle Tom’s Cabin written by a feminine hand? No, it was written by Harriet Beecher’s toe. For years, pretty much all I knew about Uncle Tom’s Cabin, the novel, was that it existed.  Important in the social history of the United States, sure.  Important in American literature, sure.  But the plot?  Nope. All IContinue reading “Uncle Tom’s SERE”

Bringing the Jubilee

THE OLD BATTLE FLAG. Air — “Marching Through Georgia” Hoist the good old flag, my boys, we always loved so well, And fling it to the breeze again, ‘though torn by shot and shell, And as we gaze upon its stars we’ll think of those who fell, While we were fighting in Dixie. Chorus. Hurrah!Continue reading “Bringing the Jubilee”