Bringing the Jubilee

General Benjamin Harrison
General Benjamin Harrison–“Come on boys!” – Battle of Resaca – May 13th to 16th 1864


Air — “Marching Through Georgia

Hoist the good old flag, my boys, we always loved so well,
And fling it to the breeze again, ‘though torn by shot and shell,
And as we gaze upon its stars we’ll think of those who fell,
While we were fighting in Dixie.

Hurrah! Hurrah! we bring the jubilee,
Hurrah! Hurrah! for the flag that made you free;
So we sang the chorus on the land and on the sea,
While we were fighting in Dixie.

How the boys shouted when they saw the old flag wave
In the thickest of the fight, where none dare go but brave,
And many a comrade lost his life and found a soldier’s grave,
While we were fighting in Dixie.

Chorus — Hurrah! Hurrah! etc.

Yes, and there are soldier boys who weep with honest tears
When they see that tattered flag they followed for four years,
And every time it’s raised aloft we’ll greet it with three cheers,
‘Though we are marching through Dixie.

Chorus — Hurrah! Hurrah! etc.

Then rally round the flag again — the emblem of the free,
It is the starry banner, boys, that floats o’er you and me,
The same we followed through the fight, wherever it might be,
While we were fighting in Dixie.

Chorus — Hurrah! Hurrah! etc.

Then let us once again, old boys, our solemn vows renew,
To stand by that starry flag, the red, white and blue,
And never shall they be forgot, our comrades brave and true,
Who died while fighting in Dixie.

Chorus — Hurrah! Hurrah! etc.

— Jerry Elbert, First Virginia


A Civil War song; what it has to do with the election is that Harrison was the colonel of the 70th Indiana, brevetted to brigadier general. Two of the major engagements he fought in were Peach Tree Creek and Resaca.

The First Virginia to which Jerry Elbert belonged was presumably the First Virginia (Federal) Regiment, which fought for the Union.  It formed at Wheeling in what is now West Virginia, on 15 May 1861, under the command of Major Oaks, US Army, in response to President Lincoln’s proclamation calling on loyal states to raise regiments to return the Confederate states to the Union, following the surrender of Fort Sumter on 14 May.   Virginia had not yet seceded at that point.  The First Virginia (Federal) Regiment took part in the first battle of the Civil War west of the Alleghenies, on 3 June 1861, at Philippi.  There was also a First Virginia (Federal) Calvary (that e.g. fought against Mosby’s Raiders at Warrenton Junction, May 1863).

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