Paint it Black

Let me introduce you to something that I just learned from my sister: The existence of fan music videos for the BBC series Robin Hood (2006). Specifically, for Guy of Gisbourne (played by Richard Armitage, who went on to play Thorin Oakenshield in The Hobbit). Apparently, for beautiful young ladies, Guy consistently gets “shag” inContinue reading “Paint it Black”

Another Movie: Midsommar

Since we were talking about movies, here’s another I saw recently: Midsommar, written and directed by Ari Aster.  I’d previously commented on another of his movies, Hereditary. My review of Midsommar: A group of young adults are too stupid to live. They don’t. The end. This was a tedious, over-long, incoherent remake of 1973’s TheContinue reading “Another Movie: Midsommar”

My New Favorite Movie

A while back I had some computer problems.  As in Black Screen of Death computer problems.  As in Called-MicroSoft and the Level-One-tech-couldn’t-help-me problems.  So that is how I wound up on the phone with a Level Two tech, a nice young man who lives in Mumbai.  The process took quite a while, what with downloadingContinue reading “My New Favorite Movie”

Red Mike at the Movies: Hereditary

So this was one of a couple of movies I’d intended to see last year. For reasons I’ll not go into here I watched a lot of movies in theaters last year.  And I will, eventually, review them all.  But for right now, I saw the trailer for this one, but didn’t see it (despiteContinue reading “Red Mike at the Movies: Hereditary”

Polar Express Movie Night

Want to see The Polar Express?  Nah, you say.  Seen it. Did you see it with a magic show?  A magic show with me?  No?  Then come on down!  If you’re anywhere in the Littleton, NH area on December 15th (that’s a Saturday), then come to the Opera House at 6:00 pm, pay a (purelyContinue reading “Polar Express Movie Night”

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