Paint it Black

Let me introduce you to something that I just learned from my sister: The existence of fan music videos for the BBC series Robin Hood (2006). Specifically, for Guy of Gisbourne (played by Richard Armitage, who went on to play Thorin Oakenshield in The Hobbit). Apparently, for beautiful young ladies, Guy consistently gets “shag” in games of Cliff, Shag, or Marry. As in, Why Bother with Robin; leave him out in the Greenwood. Guy of Gisbourne looks like he can show a lady a Good Time.

As portrayed, Guy wears the Leather Trousers of Badassery and the Manly Stubble of Moral Ambiguity. He’s Mr. Fanservice. Leveled up to Fan Favorite. Which leads us back to those fan videos. There are a ton of ’em. Here’s just one; Paint it Black.

I can see their point.

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