Another Movie: Midsommar

Since we were talking about movies, here’s another I saw recently:

Midsommar, written and directed by Ari Aster.  I’d previously commented on another of his movies, Hereditary.

My review of Midsommar:

A group of young adults are too stupid to live.

They don’t.

The end.

This was a tedious, over-long, incoherent remake of 1973’s The Wicker Man with Christopher Lee. Go see that film instead. (NOTE: Avoid, as you would a case of mumps, the 2006 remake of The Wicker Man with Nicholas Cage.)

I see that Midsommar (like Hereditary before it) got all kinds of glowing reviews. I guess I’m just not the audience for Ari Aster’s films. The only way I’ll watch another of his offerings is if I’m playing The Movie Game by the strict rules.


Go to a multiplex in time for the very first showing of the day.  Buy a ticket for the next movie showing that you haven’t already seen.  When it gets out, go back to the ticket booth and buy a ticket for the next movie showing that you haven’t already seen.  Repeat until the end of the last screening of the day.  See the very next movie even if the poster, the trailers, and everything else about the film screams “I’m gonna hate this movie.”

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