Measure Him for his Pedestal

The Clay statue. A model of a man. Designed by the goddess of liberty


Tune. — Nancy Dawson.

Said Tyler John, the other day,
How many are Clay men I pray?
Why Johnny, dear, we’re made of Clay,
And so we all are Clay men.

Oh, Henry Clay will be the man,
And turn and twist it as you can,
He’ll gain the day, and fix a plan
To set us all to rights again.

Clay men are all good men and true
Their Clay will prove too hard for you,
And no vile traitor, John, will do
To stand among the Clay men.

Oh, Henry C!ay, &c.

We’ll cock our wigs and turn you out,
Both horse and foot your forces rout,
And Clay forever fiercely shout;
That you may hear the Clay men.

Oh, Henry Clay, &c.

How many Clay men did you say.
Go count the stars i’ the milky way.
And ten for each, and then you may
Attempt to count the Clay men.

Oh, Henry Clay, &c.

For Henry Clay we’ll go the whole—
Join head and hand — join heart and soul,
The people’s will knows no control,
They shout for Henry Clay, boys.

Oh, Henry Clay, &c.

Then gallant Harry, take your stand,
We’ll rally round you, hand in hand;
Despite the Loco Tyler band
You shall be head of the nation?

In forty-four we’ll rout the foe.
And lay the frantic locos* low.
And Johnny Tyler then will know,
How many of us are Clay men.

Oh, Henry Clay will be the man,
And turn and twist it as you can.
He’ll gain the day and fix a plan
To set us all to rights, boys.

*Loco is good Spanish for a madman.


The Traitor Tyler was John Tyler, elected as a Whig, but vetoing Whig bills based on his own conscience.    “How many Clay men are there?” was a question he had asked of the Collector of the Port of Philadelphia by way of disparaging Clay’s influence.

The “locos” or “loco focos” were radical Democrats.

As to “how many Clay men” there were, the answer turned out to be “not enough.”

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