Ship of State on the Rocks

Texas Coming In


Written for the “National Clay Minstrel.”


Tune — “Hail to the Chief.”

Far from the west see the statesman advancing,
Whose voice in our cause has so often been heard;
Now his bright, beaming eye, towards the Whig standard glancing,
Is fixed on the gay-plumaged liberty bird.
Give him the helm of the fair ship Columbia,
And we’ll laugh at the storm as we ride safely o’er
All the high-swelling surges of life’s troubled ocean.
Till Protection we find on our own native shore.

Now to the lofty mast,
Nail the whig banner fast.
And let it fore’er on the wind’s pinions play!
None will the tempest fear.
When with a hearty cheer.
We welcome onboard, the brave mariner Clay.
Toss’d have we been ‘mid the breakers of treachery,
Tyrants and traitors have guided us long,
But without breaking forth in a blood-thirsty mutiny,
We’ll send the old Captain away with a song.
‘Neath the folds of that standard at mast-head now streaming.
Our crew will not long by the guard be oppressed;
For the sun-light of peace will soon o’er us be gleaming
And will gladden our homes in the land of the west.

Standing our flag beneath,
Let us a laurel wreath
Entwine round the brow of the brave Harry Clay!
Hark! ’tis the bugle-blast!
Nail the Whig banner fast!
And e’er let it float in the light of the day.


By “Protection” we may be talking about protective tariffs.

The “tyrants and traitors” would be Andy Jackson, Martin Van Buren, and John Tyler.

The “Captain” was Tyler.  The “guard” was Tyler’s supporters in Congress.

Tomorrow: A Whig toast!

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