Calhoun in a Dress

A Peep at the Future



The gallant whigs have drawn the sword,
And thrown the idle sheath away;
And onward is the battle word,
For home protection and for Clay.

We now have set the ball in motion,
That like the sun rolls night and day;
While from the prairie to the ocean,
Awakes the shout for Henry Clay.

Farewell to sorrow, grief and fear!
Farewell to him who now has sway;
The day of change is drawing near,
When he gives place to Henry Clay.

We’ve drawn the sword, now rally all,
As hunters at the break of day,
Leave cottage hearth, and festive hall,
And take the field for Henry Clay.

For he is now the nation’s choice,
The nation’s hope, the nation’s stay;
Then shout with one united voice,
For Home Protection and for Clay.


While no tune is given, this seems to work well to the tune of The Athol Gathering.

Ashland was Clay’s house in Kentucky.

The ball that rolls on was a victory ball, a ten-foot sphere painted with campaign slogans that would be rolled from rally to rally.

“Him who now holds sway” is John Tyler.

“Home Protection” is likely to be a protective tariff.

Tomorrow: Harry of the West

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