Some day the urge may come to you. You’ll say to yourself, “Why not watch Little Dead Rotting Hood“?

There you’ll be in the video-rental place, and there it’ll be on the shelf right in front of you. The money will be in your pocket. It’ll be calling to you. “Watch me! Watch me!” You could rent it right now.

Your hand will move toward it. “Why not?” you’ll ask. “How bad could it be?”

Stop! Right there! Don’t do it! Save yourself!

How bad could it be?

You have no idea. There are some things no one was meant to know and how bad it could be is one of those things.

I know, the title is intriguing. Fascinating. It shimmers with hints of the dark and numinous. It promises brilliance.

Contemplate the title. Then … rent another movie.


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