Live from Dixville Notch

Live from Dixville Notch, New Hampshire, here are the first results from the First in the Nation primary in this 2016 election:


— John E. “Jeb” Bush (Coral Gables, Florida)
— Benjamin S. “Ben” Carson (West Palm Beach, Florida)
— Christopher J. “Chris” Christie (Mendham, New Jersey)
— Stephen B. Comley, Sr. (Rowley, Massachusetts)
— Timothy D. “Tim” Cook (Browns Summit, North Carolina)
— Rafael E. “Ted” Cruz (Houston, Texas)
— Brooks A. Cullison (Olney, Illinois)
— Matthew “Matt” Drozd (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)
— J. Daniel Dyas, Sr. (Daphne, Alabama)
— Cara “Carly” Fiorina (Lorton, Virginia)
— James “Jim” Gilmore (Richmond, Virginia)
— Lindsey Graham (Seneca, South Carolina)
— Michael “Mike” Huckabee (Santa Rosa Beach, Florida)
— Kevin Glenn Huey (Aurora, Colorado)
— Walter N. Iwachiw (Sunnyside, New York)
— Piyush “Bobby” Jindal (Baton Rouge, Louisiana)
3- John R. Kasich (Westerville, Ohio)
— Richard F. “Frank” Lynch (Jupiter, Florida)
— Robert L. Mann (New Albany, Indiana)
— Anthony R. “Andy Martin” Martin-Trigona (Manchester, New Hampshire)
— Stephen John McCarthy (Fairborn, Ohio)
— Peter Messina (Brandon, Florida)
— George Pataki (Garrison, New York)
— Randal H. “Rand” Paul (Bowling Green, Kentucky)
— Chomi Prag (Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin)
— Joseph “Joe” Robinson (Brookline, Massachusetts)
— Marco A. Rubio (West Miami, Florida)
— Richard J. “Rick” Santorum (Great Fall, Virginia)
2- Donald J. Trump (Manhattan, New York)
— Richard P. H. Witz (Spencer, Massachusetts)
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— Joseph “Joe” Adams (New York, New York)
— Stephen “Steve” Burke (Heuvelton, New York)
— Hillary Clinton (Chappaqua, New York)
— Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente (San Diego, California)
— Eric Elbot (Groton, Massachusetts)
— William D. “Bill” French (Lewisburg, Pennsylvania)
— Mark Stewart Greenstein (West Hartford, Connecticut)
— Henry Hewes (New York, New York)
— Brock C. Hutton (Lindtricum, Maryland)
— Keith Judd (Midland, Texas)
— Lloyd Kelso (Gastonia, North Carolina)
— Steven Roy Lipscomb (Santa Fe, New Mexico)
— Star Locke (Harlingen, Texas)
— Robert Lovitt (Lexington, Kentucky)
— William H. McGaughey, Jr. (Minneapolis, Minnesota)
— Raymond Michael Moroz (Colonie, New York)
— Edward T. O’Donnell, Jr. (Bridgeport, Pennsylvania)
— Martin J. O’Malley (Baltimore, Maryland)
4- Bernard “Bernie” Sanders (Burlington, Vermont)
— Graham Schwass (Haverhill, Massachusetts)
— Samuel H. “Sam” Sloan (Bronx, New York)
— Edward Sonnino (New York, New York)
— Michael A. Steinberg (Tampa, Florida)
— Vermin Supreme (Rockport, Massachusetts)
— David John Thistle (Manchester, New Hampshire)
— James Valentine (Miami Beach, Florida)
— Richard Lyons Weil (Fort Collins, Colorado)
— John Wolfe (Chattanooga, Tennessee)
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Update: After posting from Dixville, I drove over to Millsfield (the next town to the east along NH Rte. 26), to get the results. Very little media there — all the satellite trucks were at Dixville Notch. Anyway, from Millsfield:

Trump — 3
Cruz — 9
Rubio — 1
Kasich — 1
Bush — 1
Christie — 1
Fiorino — 1
Paul — 1

Clinton — 2
Sanders — 1

3 thoughts on “Live from Dixville Notch

  1. Update:

    Hart’s Location:

    Sanders — 12
    Clinton — 7
    Greenstein — 2

    Kasich — 5
    Trump — 4
    Christie — 2
    Bush — 1
    Rubio –1
    Carson — 1

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