Peach Trees


Battle of Resaca
Battle of Resaca


At Peachtree creek in Sixty-four,
Hood’s rebels held the summit:
Their lines were long and full and strong,
And straight as line and plummet.

Below them stood the Union ranks,
And waved the starry banner,
And at the front Ben Harrison
With his Seventieth Indiana.

“Charge at them, men!” cried sturdy Ben;
“What, colonel, without orders?”
“Yes, charge the hill! and with a will
We’ll sweep the rebel borders.”

And in the van, that gallant man,
Ben Harrison, led the onset,
And drove out Hood and all his brood
And held the hill at sunset.

“Bravissimo! ” cried fighting Joe,
“Ben Harrison’s no Quaker;
I’ll make him here a brigadier
For Peachtree and Resaca.”

Now once again the Union men,
Demanding home protection,
Place in the van that gallant man,
And promise him election.

“Charge up the hill!” again he shouts,
“Down with the red bandanna!”
Up, boys, and vote! Again promote
Brave Ben of Indiana!

Boston Traveller.


No tune given.

One may find a fuller (and more objective) description of the Battle of Peach Tree Creek (2o July 1864)  here.

Ben Harrison had raised the 70th Indiana and was its colonel.

“Fighting Joe” was Major General Joseph Hooker, commander of XX Corps.  The 70th Indiana was in Ward’s division.

Hood was John Bell Hood, the confederate commander.

Quakers were pacifists.  A “quaker” was also a wooden cannon, set up to confuse the enemy as to the number of cannons in a given battery.

Resaca was another battle in the Atlanta campaign, 14 May 1864.

“Home protection” would be the protective tariff so beloved of the Republicans.

The red bandana is Senator Thurman, Grover Cleveland’s running mate.  He’s being compared to the Confederate battle flag.

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