The Coldest Equations Yet

The Coldest Equations Yet by James D. Macdonald Stardate 31-20.6. Half-way through the first dog watch on the cruiser Stardust, bound for Mimir, the light on the communications panel that showed an open sub-space carrier wave blossomed. Communications Tech First Class Sylvia Harlin flipped the ‘respond’ switch and leaned closer to the mike: “Stardust. IdentifyContinue reading “The Coldest Equations Yet”

Silly Pebble Story

A friend of mine is taking a class called “Critical Thinking” at a local community college. Good for him! He had an assignment, and asked me to look it over to make sure he’d formatted it correctly. (Not too used to word processors, y’know. I had to tell him that you don’t need to hitContinue reading “Silly Pebble Story”

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