A Sonnet

While streaking in my rocket ship through space, Galactic empires seeking to destroy, Subsonic signals hailed me with “Ahoy! O spaceman launched from secret lunar base! Turn back your craft at once!”  Sour was my face. Switched off the signal; turned then to deploy My proton missiles. With those I’d annoy The surreptitious foes who’dContinue reading “A Sonnet”

For What, We Ask, is Life Without a Touch of Poetry in it ?

From Excuse the Bananas English teacher retitles classic poems as social media clickbait   Allow me to add my own poor suggestions:   Attract the Girls You Want! by e. e. cummings Billionaire Warns of Coming Recession by William Butler Yeats Learn This Word to Increase Your IQ by Ten Full Points by Alan GinsbergContinue reading “For What, We Ask, is Life Without a Touch of Poetry in it ?”

Zombies on my Shoulder

Zombies in the graveyard make me fearful, Zombies ’round the farmhouse make me sigh Zombies munching mommy make me angry Zombies in the mall can make me die. If I had a gun that I could give you I’d give to you a gun that’s just like mine If I had a torch that IContinue reading “Zombies on my Shoulder”

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