I Guess You Had To Have Been There…

A barber in Lexington having some ill feeling toward Mr. Clay was about to vote against him. But meeting Mr. Clay one day in the street, he accosted him, and said, “I have wronged you, Mr. Clay.” “How so?” “Why my wife came to me and said, “Jerry, don’t you remember when you were inContinue reading “I Guess You Had To Have Been There…”

The Democrats Guess Who the Whigs Will Run

Mr. Clay. — The following worthy tribute from an opponent is from the Democratic Review: — “There is no serious question as to the Whig candidate. It is to be CLAY— CLAY, with an enthusiasm of personal feeling which we envy him the honor of having awakened in his friends and his party, far moreContinue reading “The Democrats Guess Who the Whigs Will Run”

The Hero of the West

HARK! FROM THE BROAD AND NOBLE WEST. TUNE— All’s Well. Hark! from the broad and noble West — From where the hero’s ashes rest — The loud and stirring peal rings out— And comes on every breeze the shout For Harry Clay, For Harry Clay, For Harry Clay, For gallant Harry Clay ! See themContinue reading “The Hero of the West”


THE CLAY RALLY CRY. Tune — All the Blue Bonnets. Out, out, Whigs and true democrats, To the rescue of liberty come in quick order. Out, out, with your Clay shouts and waving hats, Freedom calls Hal. of Kentucky to guard her. Far your bright banner spread, “Clay at our Nation’s Head,” His voice pleadContinue reading “Tories?”

Whigs in Blackface

A SITTIN’ ON A TREE BY THE REV. W. BROWNLOW. Tune — “Sittin on a rail” As I walked out dis arternoon, To get a drink by de light ob de moon, Dar I see dat “same Old Coon,” A sittin’ on a tree, A sittin’ on a tree, A sittin’ on a tree, AContinue reading “Whigs in Blackface”

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