Yes, His Grandfather was Old Tippecanoe

  A SONG OF TWO SOLDIERS. Air — “Old Oaken Bucket.” Oh, dear to my soul are the days of our glory, The time honored days of our national pride, When heroes and statesmen ennobled our story, And boldly the foes of our country defied; When victory hung o’er our flag proudly waving, And theContinue reading “Yes, His Grandfather was Old Tippecanoe”

Pankies Were Hankied in Indiana

GLORIOUS IS OUR CANDIDATE! AIR — Policemen’s Chorus, Pirates of Penzance — “When the Foeman Bares His Steel” Glorious is our candidate! Brave in war and wise in State! And we certainly expect Him, this autumn, to elect; For when foemen would invade And the Nation calls for aid, Quicker answer comes from none ThanContinue reading “Pankies Were Hankied in Indiana”

Dialect Again

GWINE TO GIT DAR. Dar’s a-gwine to be a movin’ call Dis fall at de election, An’ so ’tis bes’ dat one and all Shall stand up fer protection. De people am prepared to ‘feet A clearin’ up an sortin’; De leaders dat dey hab selec’ Am Harrison an’ Morton. Chorus. An’ dey’s gwine toContinue reading “Dialect Again”

Wishful Thinking

VOICE OF THE PEOPLE. Air — “A life on the Ocean wave.” List, list to the People’s cry, Resounding o’er hill and dale, In terror the Loco’s fly, Like chaff on the winter’s gale. The mountains are ringing the shout, The valleys re-echo again. And the rock-bound shores of the North Are joyously swelling theContinue reading “Wishful Thinking”

Roll Over, Beethoven

THE DEEDS OF CLAY, Tune. — The Bonny Boat. When in the south dread civil war Rose like a storm of night. And nullifiers near and far, Braced for the field of fight; Then sons of those illustrious sires. Who bled at Bunker Hill, Rushed madly forth to light their fires, Their brother’s blood toContinue reading “Roll Over, Beethoven”

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