Higher than Gilderoy’s Kite

Protection to home industry

Protection to home industry


Air — “Gilderoy.

We long to see the season come
When we can vote for Harrison,
For there is nothing can prevent
His being the next President;
He leads the cause against Free Trade,
And we propose to give him aid;
O, Grover dear, you’d better run
Than measure swords with Harrison!

When some were in their cradles rock’d,
Their fathers round the Hero flock’d.
The fight was hard, but still they won,
Led on by General Harrison;
But now with double force they come,
The war-worn soldier, with his son,
They strike the time without the drum,
Both right and left, for Harrison.

Supporting General Harrison,
The people have no risk to run —
For he can first adjust their laws,
Then with his sword maintain their cause.
Then raise the banner till it floats,
While men are handing in their votes;
And may their ballots tell as one,
Success to General Harrison.

Then let this song, for one, be sung,
As clear as rebel rifles rung,
By middle-aged, old and young,
Without one jar or faltering tongue;
And let the spangled banner wave,
High on the breeze, above the brave,
While they proclaim the work is done,
We’ll join for General Harrison.


The Republicans stood for Tariffs, as opposed to the Democrats (like Grover Cleveland) who favored Free Trade.

Ben Harrison was, in fact, a general in the American Civil War (some twenty-plus years before the election of 1888).

Tomorrow:  The Collar and the Kerchief


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