It’s All the Newspapers’ Fault

The little magician invoked



Loco. I am opposed to the British tariff.

Whig. So am I, for it taxes our wheat, flour, beef,  pork and every thing else that we attempt to sell in England.

Loco. How is that? My paper tells me that it is the Whigs that go in for the British tariff  here.

Whig. Your paper lies in that, as it does in other matters. The American tariff taxes silks, calicoes, broad cloths, hardware, and other British goods, to protect our own mechanics, farmers, and labourers.

Loco. Then why do they call the American Tariff a British Tariff. (Opening his eyes and  mouth to catch in light and truth.)

Whig. Why your paper thinks you are too ignorant to understand the difference— that’s all.


Protective tariffs were a big Whig platform item.

“Loco Foco” was a derogatory term for “Democrat.”

Tomorrow: Leave Vain Regrets

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