Whacked-out Conspiracy Theory of the Month

This time around it’s the “Mandela Effect” — that there’s a parallel universe and timeline that has gotten mixed up with ours.  Due to the experiments at CERN, a hole has opened up, leading to the two (or more!) timelines melding.  So in one timeline there’s a guy named Nelson Mandala, and in another timeline there’s a guy named Nelson Mandela.   One or the other of them died in the 1990s, the other in 2013.  In one timeline there’s a cereal called “Captain Crunch,” and in the other there’s a cereal called “Cap’n Crunch.”  And the timelines have gotten mixed up. The Matrix has glitched.

Some folks think that it isn’t Super Science, it’s demons, who are re-writing the Bible.  Have you ever looked up a favorite Bible verse and discovered that it isn’t what you remembered?  Your memory was correct; it was demons who went into the printed Bible and changed the words.

Ah, well. What these folks have actually discovered is that typos exist, that copy-editing isn’t the first priority in weekly supermarket sales flyers, that some folks just plain can’t spell, that sometimes corporations do change their logos,  and that the human memory is imperfect.

But they’re having fun. They have a grand theory of eggcorns and mondegreens that is gloriously unfalsifiable.

(I don’t recommend watching too many of their videos in a row.  You know the thing about looking into the abyss?)

One thought on “Whacked-out Conspiracy Theory of the Month

  1. These folks have also discovered that “human memory is unreliable,” and “vividness of memory/belief has no relationship with memory accuracy.”

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