It Isn’t Just for SETI Any More

World Community Grid

Distributed computing –lots of small machines emulating one gosh-darned big one — is a thing.  Used to be that pretty much the only thing happening was SETI At Home, where you could be part of a project looking for extraterrestrial intelligence by donating your computer’s idle time.   It came with a screen saver.


Nowadays, there’s lots of big science happening using public access computing.  For example, World Community Grid.

What am I doing on World Community Grid?  Right now …

Help Stop TB
FightAIDS@Home – Phase 2
Outsmart Ebola Together
Mapping Cancer Markers[
Say No to Schistosoma
Drug Search for Leishmaniasis
Human Proteome Folding – Phase 2
The Clean Energy Project – Phase 2

All good, worthwhile things.  (The search for an anti-Zika drug was just added to the mix.)

Anyway, World Community Grid.  Sign up and let it run.

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