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A Spare Scene from Yet Another Unwritten Novel

“That was the first thing we noticed,” Dalmatia said. “The copy-machine was broken.” “Broken? How?” “The cover-glass was cracked. And when we opened the front cover, we found a photocopy of someone’s bum jammed in the fuser.” “That would have … Continue reading

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Yet Another Scene

The man ran for cover. As he approached the fence the author put out a hand to stop his flight. “Where do you think you’re going?” the author asked. “Up and over that fence, if it’s all the same to … Continue reading

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A Random Scene

From a Random Novel In Progress: “There’s a scene here,” Maincharacter said. “Why the foo aren’t you writing it?” “Because I don’t friggin’ see it,” the author replied. “As if I’m going to take that for an excuse? Look, Lady … Continue reading

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A couple of weeks ago I visited at Star Cat Books (as remarked upon below). This is a used/new book store concentrating on science fiction and children’s literature (though they have a lot of other things). I was there for … Continue reading

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Great Expectations

To the tune of The Ballad of Jed Clampett (“The Beverly Hillbillies” theme song.) Come and listen to the story of a boy named Pip Poor little orphan who was something of a drip Then one night he was staying … Continue reading

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On Dreams

So, can dreams turn into novels? Indeed, say I, for I have done it. Here I point to our novel Land of Mist and Snow. It started as a dream of a 19th century sailing ship racing against a steam … Continue reading

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