As Seen on TV Tropes

Y’all know TV Tropes, right?  You know to pack a sandwich and carry a canteen when you go there. Well, I’m pleased to announce that two of our books have their own pages at TV Tropes.  Not only that, but they’re categorized at literature!  Here you go: The Apocalypse Door The Confessions of Peter CrossmanContinue reading “As Seen on TV Tropes”

Supporting the Arts

Y’all want to do something nice for a writer? Buy a book.  Read the book.  Post a review.  (Good review, bad review, makes no difference.  Honest review.  Whatever you liked or didn’t like– be specific.  Use examples.) Other things to do: Take a train Eat in a diner Shop on Main Street Sit on yourContinue reading “Supporting the Arts”

“The Professor is Expecting You….”

Free, today and tomorrow, “The Clockwork Trollop.”  Our Steampunk Fantasy Horror Science Fiction Porn story that originally appeared in Beneath Ceaseless Skies.   Get it on your e-reader today! “The professor is expecting you, sir,” she said. “Archy, my friend!” came a loud voice a moment later from the inner doorway. “How delightful that you couldContinue reading ““The Professor is Expecting You….””

Vampires and Shapeshifters

Available wherever fine e-books are sold: Vampires & Shapeshifters by Debra Doyle and James D. Macdonald. Contains: Bad Blood (short story) Nobody Has to Know Up the Airy Mountain Ecdysis Philologos; or, A Murder in Bistrita “Bad Blood” is the short story that started it all; our first professional sale in the fantasy/SF genre.  WerewolvesContinue reading “Vampires and Shapeshifters”

Where O Where Has My Middle-Earth Gone?

Where is The Lord of the Rings set?  I say it’s the Americas.  Here’s why:  Pipeweed.  That’s tobacco, sure enough, and that’s a native American species.  Potatoes.  Same deal: the Americas. The Great River.  Nothing in Europe, and especially nothing in England, can compare with either the Mighty Mississippi or the Amazon.   Conclusion:  TheContinue reading “Where O Where Has My Middle-Earth Gone?”