Strange Arrivals

A new podcast at iHeart Radio: On a September night in 1961, in the mountains of New Hampshire, Betty and Barney Hill encountered something they could not explain. What really happened that autumn night? Welcome to Strange Arrivals, where host Toby Ball will unravel one of history’s most famous cases of alien abduction. Learn moreContinue reading “Strange Arrivals”

Pep Rally

Cathy Atmore has always dreamed of being on the Cresswell High cheerleading squad. But she’s never been popular enough or pretty enough. She hates being on the outside, looking in. Now the members of the cheerleading squad are being killed one by one . . . Has Cathy’s jealousy driven her over the edge? That’sContinue reading “Pep Rally”

That’s Comedy!

Right then. Not every entertainment in Shakespeare’s England was, how shall we say this? high-brow. To that end, let me present to you Singing Simpkin, a jig (that is to say, a short comedy — all singing, all dancing) that might have been presented between acts in a theater, or in a tavern yard. OrContinue reading “That’s Comedy!”

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