Ian Randal Strock’s Fantastic Books has contracted with James D. Macdonald, Judith K. Dial, and Tom Easton for an anthology of 40 short horror stories to be called



We will open for submissions on August 8, 2019. Submissions will close September 15, 2019.  Proposed publication date is early 2020, in all the usual paper and electronic formats.

We’re looking for reprints.  Previously published where the rights have reverted to the author.   500-2000 words.  Pay is $20 flat fee for non-exclusive reprint rights.  The stories should NOT involve bathroom horror.

Send submissions (and questions) to Tom at profeaston@verizon.net.

The book will join SCIENCE FICTION FOR THE THRONE and FANTASY FOR THE THRONE on Ian’s dealer table at numerous conventions (as well as on his website at fantasticbooks.biz and on Amazon etc.). With luck, everyone will decide they just have to have the whole set.

Buy one.  Better still, buy a dozen.  They make excellent gifts.



Q. What do you mean by “horror”?

A:  Something that scares me.

Q. What rights do you take?

A. Non-exclusive reprint rights.

Q. I’m a big name author.  What’s my pay going to be?

A. Twenty bucks.

Q. My story won an award!  What’s the rate?

A.  Twenty bucks, flat fee.

Q. What’s the royalty rate?

A.  Flat fee.

Q. I have a super-scary drabble!  Can I send it in?

A.  Is it at least 500 words?  If so, yes.

Q. I have an original story!  Can I submit it?

A. I suppose so, but it’s still a flat twenty bucks, and you’ll only be able to sell it as a reprint afterward.  Are you really sure you want to do this?

Q. My novel excerpt is 5,000 words!  Will you look at it?

A. Yes, after you’ve cut 3,000 words.

Q. I don’t write horror, but I have a really funny Little Baby Bunny story.  Want to look at it?

A. Maybe for the Baby Animals for the Throne anthology (not yet scheduled).

Q. I have a 1500 word previously published really scary horror story that, unfortunately, consists entirely of bathroom humor.  Can I send “It Came From Beneath the Loo” for your consideration?

A. If you must, but be aware that it’ll had better be super scary and totally brilliant and utterly unique and all those other literary vitamins and minerals if you expect it to crawl its way up the sewer pipe.

Q. I don’t have a short horror story that fits your requirements, but I’m a big name author and I want to write a blurb for the back of the book telling everyone how much I loved it and how they should buy it.  Can we talk?

A.  Yes.  Professor Tom wants to hear from you.

Q. Can I tell all my writer friends about this anthology?

A. Yes.  If you don’t have friends make some friends just so you can tell them.

4 thoughts on “HORROR FOR THE THRONE

  1. Are you planning an anthology of erotic horror at some point in the future?

  2. There are no specific plans for an erotic horror anthology (or for an erotica anthology), but there’s nothing in the guidelines for this anthology that says erotic horror isn’t welcome. What we’re looking for is short, well-written (and horrifying!) horror.

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