Season’s Lamentations

Songs of the Seasons flyerSo there I was, one day in December of 1983, walking into the wardroom on USS Moinester (FF 1097) when I spotted a banner on the forward bulkhead that read “SEASON’S GREETINGS” in big gold letters.  And I read it as “Season’s Lamentations” because, immersed in the Ballads of Britain and assorted Middle Scots works as I was, to me to greet meant to weep or lament, as in “wha gars ye greet sae sair?”

This by way of explaining the title of this post.  He who laughs last had to have it explained.  You had to have been there.

Which is all by way of introducing the fact that my Glorious Sister (LCDR Supply Corps, USN, Ret) will be singing in the Songs of the Season concert,  09DEC18, 1500 (six bells of the noon watch).  Anyone in the Chicago area is invited to attend.

Music Institute Chorale Presents Songs of the Season

Date:  Sunday December 9 – 3:00 PM
Location:  Nichols Concert Hall, 1490 Chicago Avenue, Evanston
Contact:  847.905.1500
Cost:  $7 students/$10 seniors/$15 adults

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